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Legal notice

The objective of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. web is to provide information about different Entities that make up the group CONSUEGRA- TRANSAMBIENTAL and the products and services offered. This web also wants to provide other services to the clients of our companies.

All the contents of the web Frigoríficos Urgel S.A., including texts, graphics, logos, button’s icons, images, audio files and software are property of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A., or property of the societies of the group to which Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. belongs, or property of the clients or suppliers. They are protected by the National and International rules of Industrial and Intelectual property. The compilation, arrangement and setting up of all the content of the web is property of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. and is protected under the national and International rules of the Industrial and Intelectual Property. All the software used in the web belongs to Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. or to its suppliers of software, and is protected by the national and International rules of the Industrial and Intelectual property.

It’s strictly forbidden any kind of use of the content of this web, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, later publication, display and total or partial representation of it, without the express consent of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. or its suppliers.

Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. and other product names, services, graphics and logos of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. are trademarks protected by Frigoríficos Urgel S.A.. The namings of other products, services, and companies mentioned in this document can be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The reproduction, modification, copy, use distribution, commercialization, public communication or any other use of the information found in the website Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. (including its own design, configuration and exposition in the website) carried out without authorization of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. is an offence of the current legislation as regards to intellectual property.

Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel the access and contents of the web at any moment, not being responsible for its updating. Moreover, Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. reserves the authorization to carry out modifications in the configuration or presentation of their web, being able to use that authorization without previous notice.

The user is exclusivily responsible for the access to the web Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. and the use fo its information with Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. not answering for any consequence or damage that could be caused by the use of information. Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. doesn’t garantee that the information, texts, graphics, links or any other content of its web are complete or exact, excluding especially, any responsibility that could be derived from the commercial services and contents or from other kind of webs that could be linked electronically direct or indirectly, through the web Frigoríficos Urgel S.A..

To make the access easier, it’s possible that Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. includes links to other Internet pages arranged by third parties. When you enter into these sites, you’ll review and accept the rules of use of this page before using it. You’ll also accept that Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. doesn’t have any control of the content of these pages and for this reason, it can’t have any responsibility for the material created or published by them. The link to an outside site of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. approves this site, neither the products or services refered to it.

The fact that the web Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. makes reference to the products, services, trademarks, commercial names, manufacturers, suppliers, etc... property of others doesn’t constitute sponsorship or recommendation of the same by any of the entities of the group of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A..

Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. excludes and declines any responsibility that could be caused by the transmission among users through the Internet net and doesn’t acquire any responsibility because of Technical problems or mechanied failure in the computers, caused during the connexion to the net, either through Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. web or other webs.

Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. is not responsible for the virus originated in a data transmission (for example, the macros of the word processor, the Java applets and the Active X programs), created with the objective to obtain negative results for a computer system. The information of the information of this web, is only informative and does not have contractual character at all by Frigoríficos Urgel S.A.. The content of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. web is only applicable in Spanish Territory.

Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. guarantees the total confidenciality of the personal data of the Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. web users. The data provided will be incorporated to a data base managed under the exclusive responsibility of Frigoríficos Urgel S.A., created to facilitate the use of the services offered and to inform the users of the products and services that may interest them. Fulfilling what was arranged by the Organic Law 15/1999 from 13th. December of Personal Data Protection, the user will be able, at any moment, to exercise the rights that the law gives related to the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the cession of its data to the Frigoríficos Urgel S.A. exclusive property file, sending an e-mail to:

Registro Mercantil de Lleida, Hoja Nº185, Folio 207, Tomo 34, Libro 14 de sociedades, Sección Anónimas. C.I.F. A25006628